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Attractions in Kiev

0* Andriyivskyy Descent, Андреевский Спуск
Andriyivskyy Descent, Андреевский Спуск
Location: Ukraine, Kiev

Andriyivskyy Descent is one of the best known historic streets and a major tourist attraction in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. It is often advertised as the Montmartre of Kiev.

0* Babi Yar, Бабий Яр
Babi Yar, Бабий Яр
Location: Ukraine, Kiev

Babiy Yar is a ruefully known place of grief over the victims of appalling genocide, anti-Semitism and World War II. Babiy Yar is a ravine that became the communal grave of thousands of people who were butchered by the Nazi.

0* Founders of Kiev, Памятник Основателям Киева
Founders of Kiev, Памятник Основателям Киева
Location: Ukraine, Kiev

The monument was opened in year 1982, in a park on the Dnipro River embankment in Kiev. Composition is a boat, on which figures are brothers Kyi, Schek and Khoryv, and their sister LYBID. The monument is made of pure copper forged. Rook is installed on a granite pedestal, surrounded by a pool.

0* Golden Gate, Золотые Ворота
Golden Gate, Золотые Ворота
Location: Ukraine, Kiev

Golden Gate is a unique fortification architecture monument that survived until nowadays. It was constructed in 1017-1024 and served as a main gala entrance to Kiev. The great tower with Annunciation Church delighted contemporaries and terrified enemies, die to its inaccessibility.

0* House with Chimaeras, Дом с Химерами
House with Chimaeras, Дом с Химерами
Location: Ukraine, Kiev

The House with Chimeras, also known as Horodetsky House, was built in 1903. Located on 10 Bankova Street, it has been President Victor Yushchenko's official residence since 2005.

0* Independence Square, Площадь Независимости
Independence Square, Площадь Независимости
Location: Ukraine, Kiev

Maidan Nezalezhnosti (literally: "Independence Square" ) is a main square in Kyiv, capital city of Ukraine. There were the biggest protests in UBK campaign and Orange Revolution.

0* Kreschatik Street, Улица Крещатик
Kreschatik Street, Улица Крещатик
Location: Ukraine, Kiev

Kreschatik is the most famous and busiest street in Kiev. It is a wide boulevard with plenty of chestnut trees. It is hard to believe that some time ago on the site of Kreschatik used to be a valley and a river surrounded by forest. Nowadays it stretches from Europeiskaya Square to Bessarabskaya Square and contains trade buildings, bank departments and luxurious hotels.

0* Lipki, Липки
Lipki, Липки
Location: Ukraine, Kiev

Lypky district poses historical territory of Pechersk. the name “Lypky” appeared after 1774 when a lime-wood was planted in the place. In 1750 buildings of Mariinsky Palace, Alexander Nevsky palatial Church (was not preserved) in Mariinsky Park, the buildings for palatial services were begun.

0* Mariyinsky Palace, Мариинский Дворец
Mariyinsky Palace, Мариинский Дворец
Location: Ukraine, Kiev

Mariinskiy Palace in Kiev is an official ceremonial residence of the President of Ukraine, in which solemn state events, rewarding, receptions and meeting of official delegations are held.

0* Mother Motherland, Родина мать
Mother Motherland, Родина мать
Location: Ukraine, Kiev

The statue of the “Motherland” is situated in the one of the largest museums in Ukraine (more than 300 thousand exhibits). Over 20 million visitors already attend the Great Patriotic War museum.

0* Pirogovo Museum, Музей Пирогово
Pirogovo Museum, Музей Пирогово
Location: Ukraine, Kiev

This is something unique. Pirohiv is a huge territory where from all over Ukraine original ancient buildings have been brought and rebuilt again. For everybody who is interested in Ukrainian life of the past with emphasis on how the ordinary rural population has lived this is a must see.

0* Volodymyr's Hill, Владимирская горка
Volodymyr's Hill, Владимирская горка
Location: Ukraine, Kiev

Volodymyr's Hill has become one of the most significant places of Kiev, many songs and verses have been dedicated to it in many paintings and photographs. However, the contemporary name appeared only in mid-19th century. Before that, the Hill was called Saint Michael (Mykhailivsky) Hill due to the monastery which stood at the top.