Churches and Cathedrals

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Churches and Cathedrals

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Churches and Cathedrals

0* Church of the Nativity of Christ, Церковь Рождества Христова
Church of the Nativity of Christ, Церковь Рождества Христова
Location: Ukraine, Kiev

Church of the Nativity in Kiev was put on old wooden church, which was dismantled as far back as 1807, the draft Melenskogo. The construction of the church in 1809 and ended in 1814.

0* Cyril Church, Кирилловская церковь
Cyril Church, Кирилловская церковь
Location: Ukraine, Kiev

Cyril Church was constructed as far back as the XII century, especially precious are extant in interior fragments of frescos. Cyril Church was constructed in the middle of XII century in the outskirts of old Kiev - Dorogojichi. The church was named after Saint Cyril one of the Slavic enlighteners. The construction was started by Vsevolod Olgovich prince of Chernigov, and after his death the church was finished by his wife - Maria Mstislavovna.

0* Michael's Cathedral, Михайловский Cобор
Michael's Cathedral, Михайловский Cобор
Location: Ukraine, Kiev

St. Michael's Cathedral was destroyed by the times of USSR in 1935 and anew built in 90th after Ukraine got it's independence. Inside cathedral there are unique mosaics and wall paintings which were taken out before cathedral devastation and kept safe in the museums of Moscow and St. Petersburg. The St. Michael Cathedral gained its renown due to mosaics and wall paintings.

0* Pechersk Lavra, Печерская Лавра
Pechersk Lavra, Печерская Лавра
Location: Ukraine, Kiev

Kiev-Pechersk-Lavra originates in 1051, when a monk Antoniy had settled in this place in dug out on a hill slope cave. Soon other monks joined him and started to widen the caves, later when underground space could not house all community — to construct overground buildings. The name of the monastery comes exactly from the caves (the word “pechera” in Ukrainian means a “cave”), the word "lavra" means status, it received large and influential monasteries, which size was like small towns with streets (lavra means “street" in Greek).

0* Pokrovsky monastery, Покровский монастырь
Pokrovsky monastery, Покровский монастырь
Location: Ukraine, Kiev

Pokrovskiy Convent was founded by Princess Alexandra Petrovna, the wife of tsar's Alexandr II brother - grand duke Nikolay Nikolaevich. She created the convent for poor woman who needed the asylum and wanted to devote oneself to God. The consecration of the future convent took place on the 11 of January 1889: on this day the foundation of church and princess house took place.

0* St. Sophia Cathedral, Собор Святой Софии
St. Sophia Cathedral, Собор Святой Софии
Location: Ukraine, Kiev

St. Sophia Cathedral was founded in 1037 by Yaroslav Mudriy (Yaroslav the Wise). By the legend the cathedral was built right in the place were Yaroslav Mudriy gained a victory over heathen pechenegs. The cathedral has been constructing for more than 10 years by Old Russian and Byzantine art masters. Only in 1049 the metropolitan of Kiev Feopemt have consecrated the majestic building.

0* Volodymyr's Cathedral, Владимирский Собор
Volodymyr's Cathedral, Владимирский Собор
Location: Ukraine, Kiev

St Volodymyr's Cathedral (Ukrainian:also known as the Volodymyrsky Cathedral, Vladimirsky Cathedral, or St. Vladimir's Cathedral) is a cathedral in the centre of Kiev. It is one of the city's major landmarks and the mother cathedral of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church - Kiev Patriarchy, one of two major Ukrainian Orthodox Churches.

0* Vydubitsky monastery, Выдубицкий монастырь
Vydubitsky monastery, Выдубицкий монастырь
Location: Ukraine, Kiev

The monastery was founded in 11 century, the son of Prince Yaroslav the Wise, Vsevolod. Nowadays the monastery is an architectural ensemble of the Church of Archangel Michael, George Church and the Church of the Savior, built in the style of Ukrainian Baroque. The size of Michael's Cathedral is small, it is virtually unchanged from 11 century.