Tires: what to choose?

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Tires: what to choose?

It seems to many that the choice of tires for an SUV or a regular car is the easiest. To do this, you need to go online, select the radius, the model that you like and buy tires. But this is all just a theory. In reality, the motorist is faced with a lot of nuances. Which tires are better to choose (imported, domestic), which manufacturer is better, tread pattern, studded or studless...

What are the best tires?

At present, progress has stepped far enough forward. The high-tech painstaking process is improved every year, and even every season. The performance of the new tires is also improving, although they may not even be as strong, but one can imagine the path that certain tire products have traveled for a long time. The number of tire manufacturers is also increasing every year. It can be very easy to get confused with so many tire offerings. Many motorists argue about the quality of domestic or imported car tires. But everything is much simpler. If the car is domestic, then tires should also be chosen domestic, and accordingly, if imported, imported.

Imported manufacturers are usually divided by territorial affiliation, namely: Europe, Asia, America. It is said that Asian tires are inferior to those of European manufacturers. But this situation can easily change, now Asian brands compete with some Western manufacturers. However, in order not to make a mistake in the choice, you should listen to the experts. They consider the best option is to purchase tires from manufacturers that match the brand of your car. For example, if you have an American car, you need American tires, if you have a Swedish car, you need Scandinavian tires.

Tires. Which ones are better?

It is definitely impossible to determine the best manufacturer, since each of them has its own advantages. Some make great winter tyres, others make great summer tyres, and there are still others that make all-season tires. And what exactly to choose - it's up to you.