How is a tutor useful?

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How is a tutor useful?

Many families in the modern world turn to tutors for help. And there are many prerequisites for this. For example, a child has poor academic performance at school, competent preparation for entering a university is required, poor student performance, etc.

It should be noted that the most in demand today are mathematics tutors, as well as Russian, English and other languages. However, in some cases, a tutor is able to bring not only benefit, but also harm. Because after hiring such a master for a child, the children stop doing anything, and as a result, this very tutor does all the homework in their place. And the student, passively and philosophically looks into emptiness, waiting for the end of the "working" time. Such a child will not only develop laziness in himself, but will also grow up to be a narrow-minded, stupid insolent person, accustomed to the fact that others do everything for him.
It should be remembered that "homework" is called so because the student is obliged to do it at home and on his own. And the duties of a mathematics teacher include explaining the misunderstood material, and checking the correctness of the work already done.

Qualified teachers (employees of institutes, universities, schools, etc.) estimate their services quite expensively. Students in this regard cost significantly less. The best employee for such purposes will be a person you know, whose work you have observed, or who was sent to you on the recommendation.

Before hiring a tutor, assess the need for them and the goals you want to achieve with their help. For example, you intend to “pull up” a lagging “poor student”, prepare him for the upcoming exams, engage in a more in-depth study of a subject, etc. And remember, your task is to clearly explain to your child that knowledge is the most important component in the life of any person.