What is an I-beam and where is it used

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What is an I-beam and where is it used

In this short essay, we will look at I-beams. Let's analyze in what area they are used and for what purposes. We will also touch on the topic of GOSTs and the dimensions of these beams.

And so the I-beam is one of the most important construction projects. These beams are used for the construction of large buildings, bridges, as well as reinforced shaft shafts. Although they can also often be used for general construction, since their strength is 10% more than that of a normal beam. And having an extra margin of safety is always good.
Now a few words about GOST of these construction elements. An I-beam is often used, the dimensions of which are from No. 10 to No. 18. Although for particularly complex and large construction projects, you can buy a beam from 20 to 60. For those who are interested in the full characteristics of these beams, you can find out the complete rules by which they are made and all additional characteristics in GOST 8239 89. All the important key elements of different numbers of I-beams are fully described there.

In addition to increased strength, it is also customary to attribute the absence of shifts, shrinkage and cracks in the structure to the advantages of using such beams. All of the above advantages are achieved due to the fact that I-beams have special ribs, which increase their strength, and also serve as reliable support when laying such a beam in the ground or structure. These ribs simply hold the ground and the structure, acting as a pivot.

By the way, if a construction object requires very large or small I-beams, then they can be ordered. Of course, the "extreme" of such beams will not be registered in the guest, in view of the non-standard dimensions. But if necessary, the manufacturing plant usually goes to a meeting.