Frame house

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Frame house

More and more inhabitants of the earth are choosing the frame construction method to build small, uncomplicated houses. At first, frame houses spread with amazing speed throughout Europe and America, but many of them have already been built in Slavic countries, including Russia. Their popularity is very easy to explain - such houses are inexpensive (including building materials), and are being built extremely quickly. Yes, you didn't hear it! Within a few months, a handsome man - the house will be ready to move in.

Frame houses have excellent sound insulation and a high heat retention coefficient. It is these houses that are considered the warmest. Only houses built from solid beams can be compared with them, but they cost three times more. Also, in frame houses, the maximum increase in living space is possible due to thin walls. At the same time, the walls do not lose their excellent advantages and characteristics at all.

Maybe it seemed to some that this type of construction is suitable only for country houses, but this is far from the case! But in fact, a turnkey frame house is inexpensively perfect for year-round living. All that is needed for this is to equip the house with all the necessary communications (heating, sewerage, water supply and gas), and the house is completely ready for living.

Some foremen believe that frame-type houses are an excellent solution to all housing problems of the Russian people. After all, houses are relatively little cost, but at the same time they are in no way inferior to brick or concrete buildings. After all, many people would like to have their own private house in a quiet and picturesque area, but at the same time they do not have the money for full-fledged brick walls. And it will take much more time. And frame houses in all cases are the ideal solution to this problem.