Where to host your server?

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Where to host your server?

"When you want something badly, the whole universe helps you find it." This is the main idea of ​​Paulo Coelho's book "The Alchemist". It tells about a shepherd who was looking for his treasure, and found it, following the signs of the universe. And this same thought became the basis for this article, the topic of which is hosting your server.

There will be mysticism and philosophy, but most importantly, you will find out where you can place your server, so that everything suits you.
Much has already been written about how to choose a data center. And in most cases it all comes down to one thing - if you need to host your server, then choose a data center that:

offers a favorable cost of a data center for new customers;
has the necessary equipment to create conditions for the uninterrupted operation of the server for a long time - such equipment includes: air conditioners, devices for continuous power supply, etc.
provides high bandwidth so that user requests reach the server faster, and the necessary information reaches them;
guarantees safety - there is security so that no one loiters in the server room, there is fire and security alarms, fire extinguishing equipment, etc.
provides round-the-clock monitoring of the system in order to immediately learn about server failures;
offers 24/7 technical support to quickly resolve your issues.

Now, for fun, check out a few sites that offer you hosting your own server. Although you do not need to look, we will tell you without looking what you will see: the fact that everyone meets the requirements - at least that's what it says.

And since everything is so similar, you have no choice but to compare prices and tariff plans, provided that you have no one to ask for advice on which provider to contact. And you choose the company that has the best combination of tariff plans with prices.