Properly store winter tires in the garage

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Properly store winter tires in the garage

It has become an axiom that winter tires are much more expensive than summer ones. This is due to the fact that the highest quality materials are used for their manufacture - rubber with a minimum amount of soot, artificial rubber, steel bracket and elastic criss-crossing nylon threads. And unlike Western countries, in which it is customary to use winter tires only for one season, throughout the post-Soviet space, a high-quality set of winter tires is used repeatedly.

That is why, their storage must be approached with greater responsibility. As soon as the winter driving season ends, winter tires should be removed immediately, as their wear on dry asphalt surfaces will increase many times over. You can remove winter tires using a lift or an ordinary jack from your own garage. Next, you need to decide how the tire will be stored - on disks or without? If the first option is chosen, then it is recommended to reduce the working air pressure in the tires by more than half (0.8-1 atm. will be more than enough), which will allow the tires to better maintain elasticity during long-term storage. This is especially important in summer, when the surrounding air heats up and further expands.
To reduce the air pressure in the tires, it is recommended to use a manual pressure gauge, which has a special steel insert, with which you can quickly reduce the pressure in manual mode to the required (in parallel, you can monitor the air pressure) level. Next, the wheel is suspended by wire and left in the garage until the next winter period.

If the rims are required for a summer set of tires, then everything can be dismantled. The wheels are recommended to be painted (if stamped steel wheels are used), or completely cleaned with a sandblaster (this applies to light alloy wheels). And install the winter tires themselves in a vertical position (this is how they are sold in car dealerships), which will keep the appearance and internal parts of the tire in an acceptable condition until the next winter season.

Rest assured that proper storage of winter tires will save you not only money, but will save you from unscheduled purchases of winter tires, but will also keep your car safe and sound in the next winter period. And first of all, your safety and the safety of your family.