Limestone crushed stone

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Limestone crushed stone

The crushed stone obtained by crushing limestone rock has a set of properties that make it possible to use it in various spheres of human activity.

Limestone is a fairly common rock, so it is not surprising that people tried to find practical use for it. Today, limestone in the form of hewn stones is used as a building material, and after crushing the material in special machines, another non-metallic material is obtained - limestone crushed stone.
Depending on the presence of inclusions of other rocks in the limestone, the crushed material can have white, yellowish, light gray and even pinkish shades. This rock occurs in seams and is mined by screening. Due to the fact that the extraction and processing of raw materials does not require significant financial investments, you can always buy crushed stone at a very affordable cost. In part, this is why this fossil is widely used in the production of mineral fertilizers, in construction and in the manufacture of concrete.

The only drawback, somewhat limiting the scope of application of crushed limestone, is its low strength. In addition, the stone is weakly resistant to water and erodes over time. But on the other hand, this material is considered one of the most environmentally friendly.

Companies that offer crushed limestone have several different fractions in their assortment. Thus, large fractions are intended for road construction and are used to strengthen the foundation of the road. The middle fraction is used most widely and serves as a material for road construction, the production of concrete structures and the arrangement of foundations. Fines are also included in road paving mixes and are used as fillers in concrete production.

In the process of crushing the rock, not only pebbles of different sizes are formed, but also the so-called limestone flour. It is used in the production of mineral fertilizers, and is also included in many building mixtures. The use of such inexpensive raw materials helps to significantly reduce the cost of materials based on it.

So, despite the lack of strength and poor resistance to water erosion, crushed limestone remains one of the most demanded materials for various areas of construction and is a raw material for the production of many building materials.