How to buy the same hot tour?

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How to buy the same hot tour?

It's vacation time, your suitcases are almost packed, but you still don't know where is the best place to fly to relax? Then this article will be helpful to you. Now you have to take the most crucial step - to find the most profitable tour, and exactly on those departure dates and for the required number of days, suitable for your vacation conditions. To do everything right and buy a hot tour, you should understand the following concepts: hot tour and special offer. We hope our article will help you better navigate in all the variety of interesting proposals available today.

Most people quite rightly believe that a "hot tour" is an offer that appears one or two days before the date of the intended departure. Often there are such offers on the day of departure, so the price for such tours is minimal. Such offers are attractive for their price, but in this case, you need to be prepared for the fact that the geography of your travel is limited only by visa-free countries. Last minute tours to a visa country appear only on the eve of the deadline for the submission of all the documents necessary for a visa, i.e. usually in seven to ten days. During the holiday season - spring, summer - such offers appear very rarely, and one cannot count on them.

How do attractive last-minute deals come about? First, there are always seasonal fluctuations in demand. Mass destinations (Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, Greece) suffer from the so-called "low season", which in the language of travel agents means a period of decline in demand. It is very difficult and sometimes impossible to predict the time of such a decline. This period can last for several months or days. During holidays (school holidays, New Years, May holidays, etc.) last minute tours are rare. In winter, many people buy tickets to warm countries - Turkey, Bali, Egypt, so other destinations remain less in demand. By the way, the situation in the country you would like to visit directly affects the cost of the tour. A sharp change in weather, political unrest, deteriorating sanitary conditions - all this reduces the demand for resorts, which means that prices for vouchers to this country are falling sharply.