How to learn to drive a car?

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How to learn to drive a car?

The sparkle in the eyes as soon as a person sees a car and an irrepressible desire to drive it is one of the clear signs that a pedestrian really wants to become a car owner. From this moment on, a person will not only have to buy: functionality, charm, handling, comfort from one of the manufacturers, but also learn how to drive this car one hundred percent.

The basic rule of a beginner is to study and learn as much as necessary, so that the ride is safe not only for a person, but also for those around him. A driving instructor will quickly learn how to drive a car in the most difficult situations. This is the only way to learn to drive. Remember that having talent as a prerequisite for driving is a common pedestrian misconception. Talent is needed only when a person becomes a pilot of a racing car or decides to join an auto rally. In other cases, it is enough to buy a driver's license and take driving courses in order to bring the vehicle control to automaticity. To start confidently managing and mastering the driving craft: you need to learn how to perform all actions automatically, so that attention is spent only on the road - this is the key to success. It is best to start learning how to drive a car on an equipped site.
If you want to learn how to drive a car on your own, with the help of an experienced friend of the driver, it is best to first perform all actions with the engine turned off, shift gears, gas, brake, it is also desirable that the assistant periodically shout the brakes so that you have a memory that you need in a stressful situation use the brake, not the gas. Then you can try to get under way smoothly - do not worry, the first time no one succeeded.

However, we consider it important to warn those drivers who are going to teach their relatives. Know that you can be an experienced driver, but this does not mean that you are an experienced instructor and you do not know all the features that are typical for a novice driver. That is why, no matter how well you yourself know how to drive a car, we still recommend that you always contact professional driving schools, where experienced instructors can teach you how to drive without risk to people and cars.