How to distinguish a professional driving instructor?

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How to distinguish a professional driving instructor?

The word "mastery" is interpreted in the explanatory dictionary as "art", "skill". Therefore, master drivers are people who have mastered the art of driving. Each of us can become such a person, there would be a desire and a good teacher at hand. All that is needed to achieve mastery is to master a simple set of skills with which you will skillfully drive a vehicle.

Of course, if you want to become a master in some business, you also need certain abilities and characteristics. These abilities form a solid foundation on which this or that skill is built. Let's see what qualities the foundation of driving skills consists of? Below are the main psycho-physiological abilities that a good driver should have:

excellent mental and physical parameters;
good hearing and vision;
ingenuity, ingenuity, speed of reactions, the ability to independently make important decisions;
the ability to focus attention in time, as well as distribute it to several objects;
mental balance;
the ability to interact with several objects, but at the same time highlight the main ones;
dexterity, lack of problems with coordination of movements.

You are surprised, because not every driver can boast a full set of the above abilities to get a driving license with a manipulator at - Don't be disheartened. Are there ways to help compensate for the shortcomings in these characteristics? For example, not all drivers have good eyesight. This significant drawback can be eliminated with the help of glasses. Some people are hard of hearing. This defect is easily compensated by increased visual attention. If it is difficult for the driver to orient himself and make decisions in an unexpected and new environment, then it will be good if he tries to identify critical situations in advance - this can be taught by a driving instructor. Good coordination and reaction will come in handy when you need to respond in time to the danger that has arisen.

And what can be offered to drivers who are not all right with the reaction? It turns out that you can cut your response time by almost half if you prepare for danger, learn to recognize possible changes in the road ahead of time and respond to them with the right actions. All this can be easily taught by your driving instructor, and you just have to listen to his advice. Now you know that anyone can become a driving master, regardless of the initial data.