How to adjust toe camber?

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How to adjust toe camber?

The vehicle's steering should be adjusted so that the vehicle will keep its course when driving. Otherwise, the risk is high that the car will become uncontrollable, and this can lead to the most sad consequences, namely to an accident.

Therefore, the driver must constantly check the suspension, as well as check the wheel alignment of the car, because this is largely responsible for road safety.

How to adjust camber alignment?

To check the wheel alignment, you need to install the car on the wheel alignment stand, a lift or above the inspection pit. Many people believe that this check should be done in a car service, but this is not so - you can adjust the camber yourself. First you need to check the steering wheel. The number of turns of the steering wheel to the right and to the left must be the same.
Then you need to check the tire pressure. If the indicators are below normal, then the wheels should be pumped up, after which it is necessary to check the reliability of all connections of the steering mechanism. If there are loose nuts, all must be tightened.
At the next stage, it is necessary to calculate the distance between the control points of the front and rear wheels of the car, this is necessary to determine the size of the toe-in of the wheels. For this operation, a long ruler or chain with a tensioner is usually used. It may be necessary to assemble the telescopic tube structure and mark it with a scale and attach control chains.
After that, you can start measuring the toe-in. The ruler is fixed between the wheels, both ends should rest against the tires of the car, and the chains should touch the floor. The arrow on the scale is set to zero position. Then the car is rolled forward and the rear axle is measured. If there is a discrepancy, then you need to adjust the steering rod clutches. After completing this work, you need to tighten all the locknuts.
The next step is to adjust the camber. To do this, you will have to raise the car on a lift or with the help of jacks. When the wheels rotate, you need to try to find out the points of equal runout - for this, you need to put special marks on the wheel with chalk. A correctly adjusted wheel must be oriented strictly vertically. With the help of a thread with a weight, you can easily determine the size of the deviation - it should not be more than 5 millimeters. If necessary, camber can be adjusted using shims between the lever shaft and the cross member.