How to choose the right hosting?

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How to choose the right hosting?

Now the main criterion by which you can assess the quality of a particular hosting is reliability. At the same time, in practice, it became unambiguously clear that accidents can happen to anyone. But it is worth considering the factor that large companies can still react much faster and eliminate them than smaller companies. Moreover, they are also much better able to protect all your data that is stored on servers.

Hosting types

Dedicated virtual server - VPS, which will be deployed in the data center on reliable server hardware with wide communication channels. This is the best option for creating a truly powerful project.

Shared hosting - your site will be hosted as part of several other (it can be tens or hundreds) sites. This is the best option, but here you should immediately take into account the fact that if the number of requests that will be addressed to your site exceeds a certain limit, then it will start working much slower, after which it will be completely disabled. For each hosting, the maximum number of visitors who can simultaneously work on your site is different. This number depends on a huge number of parameters. In addition, it will not be possible to check in advance the stability of a particular hosting to loads, but this can be checked using special tools. It will be imperative to check the site before launching it, because it will be a shame to spend huge amounts of money on high-quality hosting and after the site is posted on the network, the surging number of visitors will instantly "fall".
Cloud hosting is the most up-to-date option with average traffic. Moreover, its main advantage can be called the fact that you pay only for the used processor power, moreover, you do not need to be afraid that the site will collapse from the number of visitors.