How to choose a good vacuum cleaner for your home

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How to choose a good vacuum cleaner for your home

In the modern pace of life, it is difficult for a person to allocate some time for cleaning their home. And cleaning is required almost daily. In this case, household assistants are simply necessary in every home. One of these can be a vacuum cleaner, whose services will make your floor and floor coverings clean in a few minutes. We will try to help you in choosing a high-quality vacuum cleaner among a huge number of its modifications.

The dust suction device itself was developed over 145 years ago and almost immediately became in great demand among housewives. A vacuum cleaner is much more convenient and faster to clean the room from dust and dirt than, for example, using a broom. According to statistics, one of the first purchases of household appliances for newlyweds in their home is a vacuum cleaner. The choice of models of vacuum cleaners is huge. Our advice will help you make the right choice.
There are several types of vacuum cleaners. First of all, this household appliance differs in the set of functionality. Before buying robotic vacuum cleaners, first the buyer needs to decide on the main choice - the type of cleaning that will be applied when using a vacuum cleaner (wet or dry cleaning).

Most dust suction devices are equipped with a dry cleaning mode, the so-called balloon vacuum cleaners. These are small, inexpensive models that are easy to use. This type of vacuum cleaner is best purchased for those people who prefer easy-to-use household appliances. Among this model, there are several varieties of vacuum cleaner:

manual balloon vacuum cleaner - has a small size, used for cleaning cars, furniture and clothes.
compact balloon vacuum cleaner - standard model, the weight of which is up to 7 kg.
full-sized balloon vacuum cleaner, the weight of which is up to 9 kg.

If you need a vacuum cleaner with standard features and you plan to clean the room daily, then this type of vacuum cleaner is just right for you. The main rule is to choose a vacuum cleaner with removable containers, which will be a more convenient and economical solution.

Another type of vacuum cleaner is a vertical model. This device has become widespread in Western countries. It is worth buying for those who plan to carry out regular cleaning of large rooms. The only drawback of such a vacuum cleaner is its increased noise level. But this vacuum cleaner removes dirt and dust more efficiently than a conventional balloon vacuum cleaner.

The advantage is the complete cleaning of the room with a HEPA filter from carpet mites and the neutralization of allergens. Also important is the fact that the vertical model is small and easy to manage. Removable containers are also provided here.