How to buy cheap air tickets?

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How to buy cheap air tickets?

Currently, air tickets cost a lot of money, so the question of how, when and where to buy them cheaper is always an edge. This article is aimed at helping travelers to understand this not an easy issue and always fly only at the best prices.

First, always buy tickets in advance. Statistics show that the cost of tickets increases by one and a half, and sometimes even almost doubles, in the last week before departure. At the same time, buying them too early is also not profitable, since the price begins to gradually fall somewhere four or even five months before departure and reaches its minimum, somewhere six or eight weeks before departure. This is the best time to buy tickets. Keep track of their cost, and as you see that the price has stopped falling, immediately purchase them.

It will also be very beneficial to use a flight search, like the wonderful Google site. We recommend that you go to this resource, because these are special Internet services that allow you to quickly compare ticket prices from various airlines and agencies. We think there is no need to explain the advantages of this method of finding cheap tickets. They are so obvious.
In principle, these two tips are the main ones, as they already make it possible to significantly save on air travel. There is also some statistics that states that, on average, airlines offer the best prices on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, so it is most profitable to buy them on these days of the week. However, this is like the "average temperature in the hospital", that is, this statistic does not give any real advantage, but only averages the overall result. It's like I don't have a single apple, and my neighbor has ten, and on average we have five each.

In general, buy tickets in advance for one and a half to two months, always use the search for air travel via the Internet, and you will find out what savings are.