What musical instrument does a child need?

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What musical instrument does a child need?

It is better to start acquaintance with musical instruments with simple ones, accessible to everyone, such as wooden spoons, bells, tambourines, drums. Some folk instruments can also be useful for practicing music with the smallest.

You can independently, from scrap materials, build musical toys that emit various sounds. So, from a plastic box of ice cream and beans, you get a wonderful noise instrument. Do not rush to throw away or carry the out-of-order apparatus to the repair of vacuum cleaners. Some of its parts can be used as toy wind pipes, which children will definitely like to play with. Walnut shells are also easily transformed into musical instruments. The main thing is to approach the matter with imagination, to introduce the child himself to this.
Older children are encouraged to buy real instruments, especially if a talent for music is found, there is a desire to seriously engage in this business. You should definitely inquire about the child's wishes and preferences.

At first, it makes no sense to purchase the most expensive tools. After all, it may happen that the child will not like them, quickly get bored or change his interests. In order not to get into such a situation, it is better to start renting instruments, ask friends for a while, go to concerts, listen with your child how certain instruments sound. Of course, if there is 100% certainty, then it is better to buy high-quality musical goods, so that later you do not have to constantly visit the repair of musical centers and instruments.

Before purchasing musical devices, it is important to consider how much it is permissible to have this or that equipment for sound reproduction at home. So, in a one-room apartment, a grand piano is unlikely to fit, and in a house with thin walls, a constant drum roll will displease neighbors.