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Computer games

Many talk about the dangers of computer games and only a few think about the benefits of such a pastime. Let's try to figure out whether computer games can bring any benefit to the user. The main feature of games is that they allow you to distract the gamer from boring everyday life. But this is far from their only positive quality. Scientists also confirm the fact that people who spend a lot of time playing games are able to control their dreams. This is quite a useful property, especially if a person is tormented by nightmares. This is due to the fact that the playing person is able to more effectively control their actions not only in the game, but also in real life.

There is an opinion that gamers often have various mental disorders, they are not balanced and are not able to suppress their anger. However, this can only threaten a person with a weak will, if the user initially has excellent mental health, then games are unlikely to cause it to deteriorate. Perhaps, many games, on the contrary, allow you to pacify aggression. For example, after a hard day at work, not everyone knows how to rest properly so as not to shout at relatives and friends. But it is enough just to play your favorite game and the anger goes away, leaving through the game emotions, as a result, the person becomes more balanced.
Another positive aspect of games is that gamers can observe an increased concentration of attention. Of course, not all games are influenced in this way, the most "useful" can be called various races, shooters and similar projects, that is, requiring a quick response from the user. It should be noted that the research carried out proves that a person who plays has sharper vision and increases the speed of information processing. And if someone thinks that gamers are necessarily overweight, then such a statement will be just another delusion. Indeed, during an active game, almost the same calories are consumed as during leisurely walks.

Of course, all of the above is true only in relation to an adult audience and in the event that games are given limited time. Children should be wary of such leisure activities. This is due to the fact that the child has not yet fully formed the body, and with a constant sedentary lifestyle, problems with the back and various muscle groups can be observed. Therefore, it is important to know when to stop in everything, and then even playing at the computer will turn into a useful activity.