English courses for children

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English courses for children

Children develop and grow so quickly that their parents simply never cease to be amazed at this fact. Until recently, the kid crawled around the apartment and barely pronounced the word "mother", and now he is dashingly playing the ball with his peers in the yard and loudly, eagerly reading small children's stories from special educational books.

Many parents are seriously starting to think, is it time to start teaching their child English? Indeed, the sooner the baby begins to master a foreign language, the better, since he will quickly learn to speak it. The main thing in this case is the interest of the child, he should with pleasure, in a playful way, master a new science for him. Especially for this purpose, today a private school in English for children has been created, children's linguists, together with professional teachers, have developed a large number of effective methods. Thus, children can begin to master the English language already from 4-5 years of age.
First, kids get acquainted with the English alphabet, look at fascinating pictures and learn grammar, spoken language in a playful way, and develop skills that will contribute to a better listening comprehension of the English language. And kids begin to master the theory of the English language, as well as to study written English a little later - by about 12-13 years.

It should be noted that not all preschoolers are ready to start learning a foreign language. Although very often many 3-4 year old toddlers easily cope with interesting training programs. First, it is necessary to identify: whether the child has linguistic abilities, for this, experts conduct tests in the native language of the crumbs, and according to their results, they determine whether the child should start learning English or it will still have to be postponed.