Love and Sex

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Love and Sex

Kurt Tucholsky once said, "The most beautiful thing about love is love itself." “Sex is the best prevention of cancer, because with the help of sex, the process of balancing hormones in the body occurs, which serves as a good protection,” says Arni Gyorgov, doctor of the University of Pennsylvania. “Sex is one of the best cures for colds and runny noses!” says Dr. Malcolm Gaydon-Billy from Nottingham, England. "Sex cures headaches," says Italian neurologist Prof. Antonio Tamburello. Dr. Anthony Harris, chief physician at St. Bartholomew's in London, says: "Kissing instantly relieves headaches, as at this time the body temperature rises and, at the same time, hormones are released that help relieve physical tension." “With sex and tenderness, a man helps his beloved more than any hormone. He gives her new life and love sensations,” says Dr. Schetzing, author of the medical bestseller “Understood Woman”.

Having sex every morning, every day and evening slims the figure, American researchers have found. During a passionate love foreplay, as many calories are lost as during an hour and a half walk, and during an orgasm 92 calories, as during a twenty-minute dance.
According to professor of psychotherapy Kopiy Brgver, associate professor at the University of Birmingham (England): “Sex is the most popular, healthy, safe and correct sport in the world, with its own legal standards. At its core, this is a game for two, but you can expand the team. And, based on the fact that sex is a sport, any venereal disease could be considered an accident at the “production”.

According to research by US and French scientists, sex not only keeps our teeth white, but is also the best defense against caries! Facitus said: "Who loves, he lives longer!" "Love and sex make you smarter!" This is a stunning result of a series of test projects that have been conducted by American scientists, who claim that mental abilities are much higher in people who have an active sex life than in those who have sex occasionally.

Dr. Howard Glaser of New York, a brain specialist, writes: "Immediately after intercourse, a person feels exhausted, but a short rest makes him more alert, and his mind is much clearer than before sex." The World Society for Human Health claims that: “Lovers get sick with acute respiratory infections very rarely!”