Music for intimacy

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Music for intimacy

Have you ever had sex to music? How does it feel? It is not at all easy to answer this question with precision. Some people enjoy having sex to music, while others are very disturbed and unable to concentrate.

It is very important to find the right piece of music. After all, each person has an individual inner state. The music should fully correspond to the mood and desire of the sexual partners.

What is the best music to listen to while having sex?

You will be surprised, but the classic compositions are considered the sexiest. This includes the works of Beethoven and other famous musicians. Is classical music really good for sex? Sexologists have repeatedly confirmed this. The fact is that the inner rhythm of the human body perfectly matches the rhythm of classical music.

Contemporary music is also very diverse. Therefore, if some couples do not like classical music, they can easily select and download music for themselves a suitable composition. Music should raise a person's sexual mood, encourage him to violent fantasies.
Music alone will not be enough. The situation dictates the inner rhythms, which the music itself rests on. Some partners completely surrender to the music during sex, and some do not even notice it.

Musical tastes of partners

When choosing a musical composition, some troubles can arise. For example, sexual partners may love completely different music. In this case, it will be much more difficult to choose the right music for sex. It's best not to use any kind of music. After all, it is also very pleasant to have sex in silence.

What is the exciting effect of music? The partners' bodies move to the rhythm, to the music. That is, partners subconsciously make different micromovements during sex. These movements excite partners even more, bring them unearthly pleasure. A beautiful musical composition allows sexual partners to be in a similar state of mind, in the same rhythm, on the same wave ...

It is best to use music early in the process. As soon as active actions begin, it is better to refuse it, since then it will distract partners a little.