What to look for when choosing furniture

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What to look for when choosing furniture

When choosing furniture, you need to pay attention to what it is made of, i.e. what quality material was used for its production, especially if the furniture is made to order.

At the heart of any cabinet furniture is chipboard (of course, furniture made of solid wood, plastic, metal, glass, etc. is not taken into account). The chipboard itself is tightly pasted over with a film, the quality of which affects the service life of the coating.

If you ask about the certificates of quality of environmental standards, then you can determine with great accuracy the true manufacturer of the material. Today, offers of low-grade material for the production of furniture under the guise of well-known import manufacturers are quite common.

You need to pay attention to what furniture is made of, carefully consider the material. If veneer is used in production, its quality, as well as the quality of the varnish used, affects the quality of the exclusive furniture.

However, the primary sign of quality is the slab from which the cabinet is made, the thickness of the chipboard is usually 16 mm or more. The thinner the thickness of the material, the worse the quality of the furniture.

A PVC edge or melamine edge must be present. She processes the outer ends of furniture on special machines. An exception may be furniture finished with veneer or with durable plastic or aluminum edging. In the future, one should already be interested in their quality of application.

Curvilinear cuts also require attention, where material chips are often found after processing with a jigsaw saw.

A quality product is most often expected from a large manufacturer, which uses expensive equipment in its production.

In cabinet furniture, the installed fittings are of no small importance: hinges, hooks, hangers, furniture handles. Conscientious manufacturers, as a rule, use high-quality fittings, on which the brand name is applied.