Understanding men's shoes

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Understanding men's shoes

There are men who are completely oblivious to the shoes they buy and wear. There are others who are well aware of its importance for image and health. The latter could tell a lot about how to choose it and what to wear under it. Let's try to understand men's shoes in terms of purpose.

Sport shoes

Here everyone will probably think about sneakers, which have long been no longer part of the sports form. In fact, they are very comfortable almost at any time of the year. Although in summer, young people increasingly prefer sneakers, which look very stylish in a modern interpretation.

Tennis shoes, which were also invented specifically for playing tennis and are a shortened version of the sneaker, are popular with both men and women - especially in the summer, because the foot feels free in them.
But boatmen came up with for yachting rest so that the sole did not slip on the deck. Another similar type of footwear - moccasins - were invented by the Indians, but in modern design they are very popular among people of both sexes and ages.

There are also boots for hiking and trekking, the so-called trekking shoes and so beloved by many military "ankle boots", cowboy boots and stylish suede desert boots.

Classic Shoes

It is impossible to imagine a single business person without her. Although, even if you work on a construction site, it is worth having at least one pair of solid shoes for an official suit, which may be needed on many occasions.

Oxfords are considered the most official footwear - low shoes with closed lacing. They go well with any formal suit - from business to tailcoat. The main thing is to choose the right color and model.

Derby shoes are similar to Oxfords, but the lacing is open because the sides are sewn on top, on the front, and not under it like in Oxfords. As a rule, black is worn under a suit, and brown - under jeans.

Brogues are perforated low shoes with different types of lacing. The main feature is holes along the perimeter, and even in the form of a pattern on the toe. They were invented by the Scots, who, with the help of holes, solved the problem of getting rid of water in shoes after walking in a swampy area.

If men's shoes have no lacing, but with a buckle or fastener, which are usually more decorative than practical, know that these are monks. They go well with skinny pants.

Loafers have no laces or fasteners. They can be worn with any outfit, of course, except for a tailcoat or a tuxedo. Such shoes are very fond of "lazy" men who do not want to bother with lacing.

There are many more types of men's shoes. In any case - when choosing shoes, do not forget about what they are intended for and how they will be combined with the main style of clothing.