A kind of elevators in a country house

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A kind of elevators in a country house

If there is a real opportunity to improve your comfort, then why not take advantage of it? Today, the productivity of a wide variety of renovation work is not surprising for many experienced developers, because with the growing technology, so is the demand. Installing an elevator in a country house today does not necessarily mean a luxury, because people with disabilities or disabled people can live in it.

Of course, the differences between an elevator in a high-rise building and a suburban one will seem obvious:

First of all, this is convenience and safety;
Improved design;
Improved management.

What is needed to install an elevator in a country house

The most basic and integral parts are the elevator shaft and the elevator itself. The elevator shaft is the vertical space that allows the elevator to move up and down the equipment. An elevator can be installed either closed (for example, a typical elevator in high-rise buildings) or glass. Recently, a more relevant version of a glass elevator, through which you can see all the superiority of the house, and the view of such an elevator is more solid.

The price of an elevator structure can reach up to 25,000 euros, depending on its design and control. The elevator can be both lifting and passenger with hydraulic or electric drive. The advantage of the hydraulic drive is that it is installed in small-sized rooms with one load-bearing wall, is very quiet, when the power is cut off, it goes down to the first floor and opens the cabin.

An electric drive requires, first of all, constant preventive measures on the part of an electrician, additional space for installing a winch, a limit for the height and speed of movement will be required.

Interior decoration of the elevator

Today there is a fairly wide variety of interior design of the elevator. You can put porcelain stoneware on the floor, the sides are made of stainless steel, and the cockpit indicators can be installed. The buttons are best positioned so that all family members, including children, can reach them in a calm position.