Varieties of lighting

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Varieties of lighting

In the modern construction market, you can find many different types of lamps that differ in their level of energy efficiency. Their varieties should be considered in more detail.

Incandescent lamps

The lowest efficiency belongs to the most popular incandescent bulbs. The operating temperature of the filament reaches 2700 Kelvin, and the operating time rarely exceeds 1000 hours. The efficiency indicator is even less impressive and is within 5-6% of the consumed volume of electricity. This situation leads to the fact that they are thinking of banning this type of lamps altogether.

LED bulbs

The highest energy efficiency belongs to led lamps. Light sources in such products are LEDs - semiconductor products in which an electron-hole junction with a metal-semiconductor is realized. The work of such a lamp is associated with the creation of optical radiation during the passage of electricity through it. Such lamps are very often installed in industries as an emergency luminaire.

An LED lamp should be considered more cost effective, even when compared to CFLs. They have the same illumination rate, but CFLs require 20 watts to work, and an LED only needs 9 watts. The only drawback of such lighting fixtures is their cost. At the same time, due to its durability, such a one-time expenditure is well worth it. In addition, a quality product will need exactly the amount of energy indicated on the product packaging. If you use fakes, for example, Chinese ones, then, as experts say, their consumption can reach 20 and 30 watts.

Halogen lamps

By general characteristics, a halogen lamp is a familiar incandescent lamp, but a certain amount of a buffer halogen gas is pumped into its container, which manages to increase the service life. The key advantages of such products lie in their efficiency - a model that consumes 50 V, in terms of illumination corresponds to an incandescent lamp of 150 V, and their service life exceeds the indicators of the latter by 2-4 times.

It is important to be aware that they can differ in the angle of light scattering, which can be narrow, medium or wide. Each of them can be used for various purposes, which allows you to create a unique interior for any room.