Car rim repair

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Car rim repair

Automobile, or rather, rims are an important part of the car. And this is not only the appearance, but also safety. The Internet is replete with ads such as "Repair of disks, tire fitting", "Straightening, repair, welding of disks", etc. Is it better to buy new wheels or repair old ones? What discs are best to buy? Whom to entrust the repair?

In addition to other parameters, rims differ in the technology of their manufacture. Steel discs are made by stamping and are the most popular. They are relatively cheap, can be repaired using a disk-setter, since when damaged they crumple rather than burst and, upon impact, take on a significant part of the load, which protects the car racks. The disadvantages are high weight, corrosion instability and small design possibilities.
Alloy wheels can be produced by casting or forging, any tire shop can replace them.

Their advantage is, first of all, weight, which increases safety, affects the smoothness of the ride and reduces wear on parts. But they are fragile, since their internal structure is granular and therefore undergoes microcracks during operation. Alloy wheels cannot be repaired because they burst on impact.

Forged alloy wheels have a fibrous structure that affects their strength. They are made by hot stamping, which limits the design possibilities. They also have another drawback - high cost. But, at the same time, they provide high security, as they withstand huge blows and do not burst, but can bend without cracking.

When choosing discs, do not forget that the entire design of the car is designed for certain parameters of the discs! Have a good trip!