Social network Instagram: hashtags

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Social network Instagram: hashtags

The rather popular and popular Instagram network gathers around itself a variety of myths that are associated with wide functions and capabilities. One of these myths is rightfully considered a hashtag. In fact, we can say that not every person can effectively use such functions. Without specialized knowledge, it is simply not possible to get into the top hashtags or achieve recognition and popularity on the social network using this function.

It is important to consider that in order to promote your own profile on the social network, it is important to be able to not only use multiple functions.
But still there is a question: how exactly should the hashtag be positioned so that it not only becomes in demand, but also quite popular among the target audience?

Hashtag rules

In order for the hashtag to work on the Instagram platform, you need to collect it correctly.

Use your own last name, brand name or first name.
It is not recommended to use other people's hashtags. Otherwise, the advertising activity will, in fact, be carried out for another platform or brand.
hashtags should be the same across all existing platforms.

In the case of the correct creation of the so-called signature, you can increase the number of subscribers and even attract a wide target audience. Nevertheless, in no case should one think that the arrangement of hashtags should bring, after a few hours, millions of subscribers. Please understand that this function does not work.

Myths Many Believe in

The existence of the so-called "shadow ban".
The administration of the social network punishes profiles and accounts for using the same hashtags.
It is impossible to get into the top hashtags on your own.
Officials of the social network reduce reach for using more than 30 of the same hashtags in one profile.

It is important to consider that such information is a myth. None of the presented theses are implemented in real life on the platform of the social network Instagram. Therefore, the only thing that is important is to learn how to use hashtags correctly to promote a brand, product or service.