What is the relevance of the immobilizer

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What is the relevance of the immobilizer

Immobilizer (Immobilizer) - a special anti-theft system that provides blocking of the engine. It is possible to resume activity only with a signal from the key of this system. The immobilizer functions taking into account the general scheme of engine operation and a number of other schemes that are responsible for the protection and safety of the vehicle.

Innovations in the work of the anti-theft system - immobilizer

Many car manufacturers install standard anti-theft devices in their vehicles. The principle of operation of the immobilizer is as follows: a break is created in the chain of the engine control system. The owner's key removes this gap and the car is ready to move again. Even car rental has become easier thanks to the use of a similar anti-theft method in rental cars. There are already many innovations in this area.

The main nuances of the immobilizer that you need to know:

Losing the deactivation key can create many problems for the owner of the car, therefore it is very important to have a duplicate deactivator.
If the key (from the kit) is lost, then you must immediately recode the system with the immobilizer firmware.
There is no need to hang the key in a common bunch, as they are usually very attractive to intruders. In addition, in the event of theft, all keys and deactivators will be in the hands of the hijackers.
In order not to encounter spontaneous blocking right at the moment the car is moving, the system should be checked for possible defects and breakdowns in special workshops.

Today the immobilizer provides high guarantees of vehicle protection against theft. Before purchasing such a device, you need to make sure that the device will work correctly with a specific car brand. Only a high-level specialist should install the anti-theft system.