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Parks and Squares

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Parks and Squares in Kiev

0* Askold's Grave, Аскольдова могила
Askold's Grave, Аскольдова могила
Location: Ukraine, Kiev

Askold's Grave is a part of the park complex on the slopes of the right bank of the Dnieper. In ancient times this area was called Ugric tract. According to legend, in year 882 near this place on the banks of the Dnieper River, Prince Oleg killed Askold and Dir the princes of Kiev. After that, Prince Oleg was able to take a princely throne, and he was a talented ruler of Rus. Askold and his brother were buried in the same place where they were killed.

0* Founders of Kiev, Памятник Основателям Киева
Founders of Kiev, Памятник Основателям Киева
Location: Ukraine, Kiev

The monument was opened in 1982, in the park on the Dnieper embankment in Kiev. Composition is a rook, in which there are figures of brothers Kyi, cheek and Horeb, and their sister Lybid. The monument is made of pure wrought copper. Rook is installed on a granite pedestal, which is placed around the pool.

0* Gidropark, Гидропарк
Gidropark, Гидропарк
Location: Ukraine, Kiev

Gidropark - one of the most favorite holiday destinations from Kiev and tourists. It is situated at the Venice and Dolobetskom islands between the Dnieper and Rusanovskiy Strait in Kiev. Islands are connected to each other Venetian bridge length of 144 m (built in 1966), with the right bank of the Dnieper - Metro Bridge, with the left bank - Rusanovskiy bridge.

0* Mariyinsky park, Мариинский парк
Mariyinsky park, Мариинский парк
Location: Ukraine, Kiev

Mariyinsky Park (formerly the Tsarsky, Pervomaysky) is located on the upper terrace of the Dnieper. Park starts from Vladimir descent and goes till the «Arsenalnaya» metro station. The park was founded in 1743 by the architect Nedzelskogona. In year 1763 the park had been planted with fruit trees and built greenhouses with help of the garden masters Fock and Goffmaister.

0* Pechersky botanical garden, Печерский ботанический сад
Pechersky botanical garden, Печерский ботанический сад
Location: Ukraine, Kiev

Pechersky Botanical garden was founded in 1935. It is the largest botanical garden in Kiev — it covers the territory of 130 hectares. In spring the botanical garden is especially charming, when numerous bushes of lilacs are blossoming. There are also whole-year-round excursions in hothouses (tropical plants, orchids, camellias and azaleas).

0* Pirogovo Museum, Музей Пирогово
Pirogovo Museum, Музей Пирогово
Location: Ukraine, Kiev

This is something unique. Pirohiv is a huge territory where from all over Ukraine original ancient buildings have been brought and rebuilt again. For everybody who is interested in Ukrainian life of the past with emphasis on how the ordinary rural population has lived this is a must see.

0* Volodymyr's Hill, Владимирская Горка
Volodymyr's Hill, Владимирская Горка
Location: Ukraine, Kiev

Volodymyr Hill has become one of the most significant places of Kiev, many songs and verses have been dedicated to it in many paintings and photographs. However, the contemporary name appeared only in mid-19th century. Before that, the Hill was called Saint Michael (Mykhailivsky) Hill due to the monastery which stood at the top.

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