What are Bitcoin mixers for?


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What are Bitcoin mixers for?

At the current time, when the cryptocurrency sphere is developing at an incredible pace, even those who recently did not know about them begin to use coins. Due to the many newcomers who do not have a lot of knowledge about this field, attackers have been activated in it trying to disclose the personal data of cryptocurrency users. In order to identify the identities of coin owners, they use blockchain analysis. You can protect yourself from such an attack using services called mixers. But what are they like?

What are mixers
In order to start work on mixing coins, the service requires users to transfer to their wallet a sufficient amount of funds for operations of this magnitude. Having received the required amount, the mixer randomly divides it into a very large number of small parts, which are randomly transferred to the accounts of its system. Since such mixing is not enough for reliable anonymization of translations, the service repeats it several times. After that, the mixer withdraws the funds of users, subtracting the commission from them, to those wallets for which these coins were ordered.

As a result of such actions, those who own the blockchain analysis can no longer link the wallets of the senders of the transfers with the recipients due to the fact that the funds transferred by the mixer to someone else's account consist of coins that came to the service from the numbers of different users. In addition, attempts to analyze the movements of coins inside the mixer are also useless: the service mixes funds completely by accident. Due to this, transactions processed by the mixer become anonymous, which allows users of such services not to worry about leaks of their personal data.