For men, sex with a stranger is one of the brightest fantasies



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For men, sex with a stranger is one of the brightest fantasies

It's no secret to anyone - prostitution has long been a very popular profession. Even in the Old Testament this craft is mentioned, which existed since the five hundredth year BC. As long as there are men and women, there is sexual attraction for the sexes, women who professionally provide sexual services for a monetary reward will be demanded. Among men are popular and cheap prostitutes are always in demand. Girls, ready for a reasonable fee anywhere to provide you with services. Of course, for vip clients there are exquisite expensive prostitutes - individuals, whose services are not affordable for every man. Women have always been interested in the question - what is pushing men into the arms of sales women - prostitutes? Practice shows, and psychologists say that there are several reasons. Firstly, most men simply want to diversify, add to the list of their adventures and victories in the role of Don Juan. New woman - another victory, experience. Secondly, many men, in fact, are simply afraid of being refused by a woman. A cheap affordable prostitute will not refuse: she will not say that she has a husband, she will not laugh it off with an excuse that she is waiting for her prince on a white Mercedes. Men simply - are simply afraid of the phrase: “Why do I need you like this?”, Or to hear dismissive in my address: “All my life I dreamed of such a fool!” The third reason. The prostitute is an honest girl. You pay her, she sleeps with you. No problem, everything is simple: you get sexual services for a fee. And finally, the moral aspect is superiority. All men consider prostitutes to be of lower order. And this gives them the right to exalt themselves above these priestesses of love, the right of moral superiority. Wealthy people are full of superiority complexes over other people, they believe that in the event that they paid, they are entitled to demand everything they wish from sales girls. But there were such romantic stories described in classical world literature, when men simply perceived a prostitute as a woman in distress, in a difficult life situation. They tried their best to pull her out of the brothel. But often the girl herself is quite satisfied with her lifestyle, her craft, she just loves having sex with different men, for which she is also well paid. It often happens that these girls contain the whole family, the only source of income of which is anxious men who are looking for adventure, the severity of sexual sensations.