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Photo printing technologies on T-shirts

Printing photos on T-shirts is quite popular and in-demand service. It means the imposition of an image on the surface of a textile product using various technologies. Order printing of photos on T-shirts you need only in proven and reliable companies, otherwise there is a possibility that the quality of the finished product will not suit you. Popular Versions One of the most common methods of applying images to the surface of textiles is sublimation. With this technology, the paint under the influence of temperature passes into the gas, and then penetrates into the layers of textiles. The advantages are high quality, resistance to the negative effects of external factors and the possibility of using almost any material for the substrate. As for the minuses, they include the relative high cost and the fact that the fabric should have synthetic fibers in its composition. Thermal printing involves the use of an intermediate carrier. Therefore, the image is first applied to a film or paper and only then transferred to the product using a thermo-press. Advantages of such technology: high accuracy of a photo, speed of manufacturing, cheapness. The downside is that the finished image is not sufficiently resistant to ironing and aggressive impact of detergents. When using silkscreen, the paint is applied to the textile surface through a stencil. With this method, you can print images on posters, signs, etc. The paint layer becomes thicker and the colors bright and saturated. But with a significant circulation of such technology is economically unprofitable.