Egypt: World Arabian Tale


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Egypt: World Arabian Tale

It is perhaps difficult to find on our planet another equally ancient and mysterious country, which, like a magnet, attracts representatives of all other peoples. People of different ages, social and financial status, with completely different goals, come here. Egypt is the stronghold of the people of science, the heart of dance art, the mecca of engineering ... You can still list all the facets of this immense crystal for a long time. But perhaps the most popular Arab Republic of Egypt for such a purpose as tourism.

It would seem that what to do in a country almost entirely covered by desert sands? But the charm is in them! Dunes, dunes, mirages, oases, camels and Bedouins - all this is pure exotic for almost all residents of the rest of the world. But the idea of ​​this African country would be too narrow if it were only about the wonders of majestic Sahara (which, incidentally, captures not only Egypt, but also several other countries). Tours to Egypt are organized all year round and in completely different directions, because it is so diverse: part of its vast territory is in Asia, and the Suez Canal has become its natural division.

They say that every intelligent person is simply obliged to visit the Land of the Pyramids at least once in his life, because this African state is literally overflowed with the fruits of ancient human thought, worthy of admiration only. In fact, rest in Egypt is not a passive and aimless pastime, but constant - at every step - the accumulation of powerful aesthetic and cognitive experiences. It is no coincidence that all world culture has incorporated purely local images: the mysterious sphinxes; "Exclusive" engineering creation - tombs of the pharaohs; grand palaces; Skillful wall paintings, which are more than 6 thousand years old - you can’t list at once.

Wonders of the World are a good incentive to travel here. However, vacation in Egypt is not limited to excursions to famous historical monuments. The country hospitably offers high-quality, fascinating and high-grade resort vacations. The tourism industry has been developed here for so long and in such detail that any tour leaves pleasant memories, whether it be a program for children, business partners or a youth version. Widespread activities such as diving, surfing and others. And shopping will satisfy the most demanding lover of oriental exoticism: shops and bazaars represent a lot of bright, original goods - from magnificent Arabic jewelry to exclusive hookahs.