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Tudor style house

The main advantage of houses built on timber-framed technology is their chic appearance, as well as the ability to create an exclusive and unique property. fachwerk technology provides for the construction of prefabricated buildings. The first such house is a Japanese shrine, built almost half a century ago. In the vastness of this technology in Europe it appeared in the fifteenth century. At its core, half-timbered - a house with rendered outside the frame. Previously mezhkarkasnoe space filled with clay, straw or debris. Inside, the house got off in white tones, and outside - all shades of brown. Tudor style house Modern technology has brought to the construction of half-timbered houses several innovations. These include basement waterproofing, impregnation of wood antiseptic compositions, enhancement of the places which are subject to the greatest pressure and others. The traditional, half-timbered proven technology, combined with modern technology, is able to create a durable and comfortable housing, which in addition to everything else will be and chic appearance. During the construction of modern half-timbered houses are used all the advanced technology used in conventional construction. Modern timber-framed house in general has little to do with the house of the Middle Ages, built on traditional technology. Stretch ceilings, energy-efficient windows, advanced floor coverings and trims - all attribute of a modern home, including half-timbered and built by technology. If you are more interested in house prices in Finland, then visit finartvillage.com and learn more about them. Fachwerk From today, you can build a house with a classic appearance and use futuristic shapes. Build a single-storey cottages and luxurious mansions. In short, half-timbered - a huge variety of configurations and sizes of the new house, so the home for themselves on such technology can pick up any consumer.