In KChR proposed to hold a referendum



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In KChR proposed to hold a referendum

In Karachaevo-Cherkessia, one of the political parties submitted to the Central Election Committee of the republic an application for registration of the initiative group, which will be added to the return of direct elections of the head of the region. This news is widely discussed throughout the North Caucasus, almost every website has been written about it. It is not known yet whether the CEC of the republic will register an initiative group. Background As is known, direct elections of regional leaders began in Russia since 1990, although they were suspended several times because of the conflict between President Boris Yeltsin and the Supreme Council. In 2004, a new leader, Putin, initiated changes in the Constitution, which assumed that the heads of regions would now be appointed centrally. This was justified by all known tragic events in Beslan, although many opponents of the authorities categorically disagreed with this statement of the problem. However, in 2013, President Medvedev proposed to return to direct elections in the regions. His initiative was supported by parliaments. True, just a year later, Putin, who once again became president, introduced some amendments. According to the latter, local legislative assemblies (parliaments) must independently determine whether direct or indirect elections are held by them. The second variant was preferred by all the republics of the North Caucasus, including the KCR. The head of the region is chosen by the parliament at the suggestion of the Russian president, and necessarily from several candidates.