Features and advantages of cold glazing of balconies



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Features and advantages of cold glazing of balconies

Currently, the cold glazing of balconies is popular among owners of apartments. This is due to the fact that such a procedure has many advantages. It involves the installation of frames made of aluminum and glass with a thickness of about five millimeters. You can order cold glazing of balconies and loggias in specialized construction companies. Why is this method interesting? Pluses: The aluminum frames used are equipped with sliding doors that move along special rails. This feature makes it possible to significantly save space in the room. The cost of cold glazing is low. He can afford to people with an average income. The price of aluminum frames is about half that of PVC structures. The material used for cold glazing is fire resistant. He will not let the flame spread over the structure. Aluminum frames have high strength. They are not afraid of accidental mechanical influences. Constructions will last long enough. Manufacturers are ready to provide a guarantee of at least twelve months. Cold glazing protects the interior from atmospheric precipitation and dust masses. Frames have a low weight, so there is no need to strengthen the base of the balcony in old buildings. One of the drawbacks of cold glazing is the high level of heat losses. The temperature difference is about five degrees Celsius. Virtually glazed and finished balconies are offered in almost every village in Russia.