How and when did phone cases appear


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How and when did phone cases appear

Now the mobile phone is very often used not only for its intended purpose, but also as a way to indicate its status. Many smartphones have long since replaced small pocket computers, not inferior in functionality to the latter. We know a lot about them - how they were invented, when and under what circumstances. But about the accompanying accessories, most do not know anything. For example, a commonly used case. After all, many do not even think about the history of its origin.

When did the accessory appear?
Oddly enough, the history of this accessory is as long as that of the mobile phone itself. Having appeared on the market, the latter immediately demanded to come up with a way to protect them from damage and dirt.

And about twenty-two years ago, the same manufacturers who were engaged in the production of the cell phones themselves began to produce protective covers for the gadget. It should be noted that this accessory had a fabulous cost, which often reached $ 150. At that time, these prices were not available to everyone. However, it's also worth noting that the phone itself had a price tag of around a thousand dollars. That is, having already allowed the gadget itself, the acquisition of a cover did not seem so incomprehensible.
By the way, in addition to foreign representatives, the CIS countries also began to produce similar protective devices, their cost was much lower, and was calculated in the region of fifty dollars. But the quality of such a product was much worse.

With the development of the technological process, the appearance of many phone models, the range of accessories for it also changed. That is why now on the shelves we can find a huge assortment, among which there are options such as:

a bag;
pouch, etc.

The appearance of the first models of covers
The main model, which was produced for cell protection, was the pocket. It was believed that this option is the most convenient. It was customary to use natural leather as a base material. And although its cost was not small, there were no other options. The manufacturers decided that the phone itself costs so much that whoever buys it can afford a case for it.

Very often, the models also used small inserts of rubber parts, and there was always a transparent hole for the screen.

The next model was a silicone case. Their biggest problem was the rapid deterioration and contamination of the mobile surface. At the same time, the functionality suffered, since it was difficult to use the buttons.