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How to buy a hotel

Any commercial property implies the simple fact that the new owner will be able to make money with it. And in practice, there is nothing complicated in buying a hotel (which also belongs to the category of commercial real estate). But there are some subtleties that it would be good to remember.

First things first, you will have to go physically to the hotel and check the integrity of the building, make sure that it meets all safety requirements. And in general, conduct a full check. It will be best if such an inspection has already been carried out by some independent commission, and you are convinced that its results can be considered objective. And before you proceed directly to the transaction, consider again - do you really need this commercial property? In other words, consider why you are taking it, and then what you will definitely do with it, and what you won’t.
Most often, such targeted thoughts can serve three times as much service as the results of the most objective of inspections.

Further, if you nevertheless decided to purchase, for example, a hotel in Kiev, by all means, rely on knowledgeable lawyers, their help can be invaluable. As a rule, it is lawyers who conduct all negotiations, however, sometimes it happens that a lawyer can attract a whole company to his side. And this is the best way out of the situation.

It is primarily about the fact that the lawyer arranges his own check of real estate, in your case, the hotel, but in order to make sure that this object meets the standards of "legal cleanliness". This operation will guarantee that you will not be prosecuted and try to prosecute for any unpleasant situation associated with a hastily acquired commercial property. Lawyers take on the painstaking work of collecting the necessary documents and providing them to you. And if some papers do not stay in accordance with the norms, they will settle everything.

Among other things, you will need to check both legal entities. And all the necessary documents, including - on legal education and permission for real estate transactions. An individual must have a document certified by a notary, which allows him to purchase this object. This is explicitly stated in the law.

An individual must have the notarized consent of the spouse.

After the final collection and approval of documents, final negotiations and the conclusion of a transaction can be started. Here you need to be guided and rely on legal assistants so that no negativity from the transaction appears.