How to properly install electrical wiring

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How to properly install electrical wiring

Frankly speaking, this is not a simple event. It cannot be done without special training and skills. Of course, if possible, seek the assistance of a professional electrician. This will protect you, your home and your relatives from problems and troubles that may arise from unskilled, "clumsy" work. However, in case of emergency, the nuances and rules regarding the replacement and installation of electrical wiring must be known and taken into account.

All work related to the wiring must be done immediately completely, of course, done before the start of plastering work. For the installation to be done safely and correctly, you need to use a wiring plan. This will help prevent financial costs for subsequent troubleshooting and help avoid tragedy.

Naturally, the plan for each apartment is individual, but there are general rules for all.

Using the Makita 1250 wall chaser for laying future electrical wiring, determine the location of switches, meters, sockets, etc. These elements must be in accessible places, however, all live parts must be covered.

Before installing the sockets, you need to determine where the main electrical appliances will be located. It is there that you need to place the sockets - at a height of 15-20 cm from the floor. Moving outlets is not easy. It is much better to think about their position in advance.

Plan the switches so that the open door does not interfere with access to them. No switches should be installed inside bathrooms and toilets. In extreme cases, the socket inside the bathroom can be installed using an isolation transformer (it must be double insulated). In this case, he himself must be installed outside the premises.

Do not install outlets near grounded batteries, pipes, sinks and stoves. There should be a distance of 50 cm between them.

The position of the wires must be strictly vertical or horizontal. Communications should be noted on the plan. Wires should never be exposed to high temperatures, and should not come into contact with metals.

The main rule when drawing up a wiring plan is to take into account all safety rules. Have a plan - get to work.