Which plot is better suited for building a country house?

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Which plot is better suited for building a country house?

Often people catch themselves thinking that they would like to build a country house for themselves. But before you think about building, you should know that you will need to purchase a plot. Choosing a site for a country house is considered a very difficult process. In this article, we will talk with you about how to correctly select a site for building a country house.

Regardless of the purpose for which the country house will be used, the criteria for choosing a site practically does not change. The country house is a great place to spend a good weekend. For example. Here you can grill kebabs with friends or even have a small vegetable garden and grow your own vegetables on it. In short, there are a lot of options. But before dreaming about this, let's talk about how to choose a site.

Top sites
Naturally, you dream that your country house is located in the fresh air, where there are no factories and plants. Instead, there should be bodies of water and forests around your home. In our time, the most popular are two categories of land.

Lands located on the territory of settlements;
Lands that have agricultural purposes.

For the construction of a country house, it is best to lean towards the first category of land, and before building a house, conduct engineering hydrogeological surveys. In the event that you decide to carry out the process of building a country house on lands located in the territory of the settlement, it is possible not only to issue a residence permit in this building, but also to carry out all this in accordance with all regulations. But there is also a minus, such a site will cost you dearly. In addition to all this, there are so-called plots with the designated purpose of "Country building" allows the construction of entire cottage townships. They are equipped with all the necessary communications. In addition, it is possible to build permanent houses, registering a residence permit there. Remember, in the event that the site is not used for its intended purpose, there is a possibility that the court will fine you.

A correctly chosen site will allow you not only to acquire a beautiful territory, but also a place where the best moments of your life will take place. A country house can become not only a vacation spot, but also your permanent home. To do this, you only need to correctly arrange the building and build a house with all the necessary living conditions.