What kind of underwear to choose?

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What kind of underwear to choose?

Underwear, which is offered in a wide range by a lingerie store, is the base and foundation of any wardrobe, both male and female. It is still more difficult for women to make the right choice. In this case, the main thing is comfort, not pseudo fashion. Global brands focus on comfort and versatility.

Choosing a bra
Let's pay attention to the women's wardrobe. Every lady is required to have a black, white and nude bra. The thing should consist of cotton - paper fabric, so that the body "breathes". Natural material does not stretch during washing, which means that the thing will serve you for a long time. Of course, bras made of such fabric are not cheap.

Everyone remembers the American saying: "We are not rich enough to buy cheap things." Bras must be measured, the indicated sizes of things do not always coincide with reality. Having tried on underwear, roll around in it, do a squat. It is important that the linen is not uncomfortable. Do not buy underwear that squeezes you, even if it seems to you that it effectively lifts the chest. Such laundry will soon stretch to the point that it will have to be thrown away.

Lingerie size 75A is the same as size 70B, only the last cup is deeper. If you feel discomfort in 75A underwear, and 80A underwear is big for you, then feel free to purchase an item with a 70B size. For ladies with other sizes by analogy. For example, the usual size is 85B, but it is no longer comfortable in it, so you need an 80C bra. It is better to purchase a bra with a corrector on the straps. All of the above rules also apply to swimwear. Throughout life, women's breasts undergo changes in shape and size, so the choice of lingerie must be approached with particular seriousness.

Choosing panties
As for the panties, the same principle applies when choosing - comfort. Thongs, tangos and similar lingerie models are already the last century. Moreover, a girl who appears in a thong on the beach openly demonstrates bad taste and looks cheap. All private areas should be closed. This rule is not only the law of aesthetics, but also the prevention of cystitis. Panties - shorts look sexy. Looking through the clips of Western stars, you can see the dancers in this particular model of lingerie.