What is the best music to listen to?

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What is the best music to listen to?

Perhaps it is impossible to find such a person who could say that he does not listen to music at all. Music can be heard everywhere:

on TV,
on the radio
in the shop,
at stops,
in nature around us.

Someone likes hard rock, or rap, and someone gets pleasure and positive emotions from listening to their favorite jazz tunes. Someone relaxes to classical music, and someone cannot live a day without music, which is created by leaves, wind and birds, and every day, going to work, he catches every sound, saturated with positive vibes and good mood.

Music is that magic "pill" that can relieve us of the blues, get out of depression and get a share of positive and a burst of energy. If we feel good, we listen to music. When we feel bad, when we are upset about something, we also listen to music, but already different, calmer, more emotional, and often cry, thereby giving vent to tension and negative emotions. This is the effect that happens when you “cover” yourself with quality music!
To the question "What kind of music is the best to listen to?" it is impossible to find the answer, because everyone chooses what he likes, what his soul lies in, what suits a particular case and mood. Some people enjoy rock music, while others argue that only pop music can cheer you up, and each of them is right in his own way.

Scientists also argue that music created by different musical instruments affects people in different ways and helps to increase the performance of both different organs and the body as a whole. For example, listening to wind instruments, we have a positive effect on the circulatory system, which, in turn, has a positive effect on the entire body. There is a theory that percussion instruments have a positive effect on the human liver, and the organ is able to stimulate the brain activity of a person, so why not listen to one or two classical compositions before starting the work day? Piano and grand piano lovers can also please, because these musical instruments are able to establish a mental state and even have a positive effect on the thyroid gland. The music created with the guitar strengthens the cardiovascular system and soothes the heartbeat.

It is no secret to anyone that music has long been used as a therapy for all kinds of diseases, especially of a psychological nature. Music saves from headaches, relieves fatigue and tension, instills self-confidence and gives strength. Many also claim that music helps them focus while they work. Listening to your favorite songs before work can set a person up for active and productive activity, helps to work faster.

How much is covered in one word "music" ... It can cheer you up, or upset, relieve stress and calm. Music is undoubtedly a source of joy and happiness, an incentive for creativity and active action. Music is a kind of sport, because it also helps us stay in shape, feel more cheerful and more confident.