Stainless steel in architecture

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Stainless steel in architecture

In current construction and architecture, stainless steel is an ideal choice for use as a facing material for walls, facades and for decorating the interior.

In combination with natural stone and wood, it safely finds application for interior decoration of shops, offices, cafes and more. Inertness to exhaust gases and aggressive atmospheric precipitation makes it possible to use this material in structures that are in the open air: signboards, fountains, figured compositions, details of advertising items, roofs.

Due to its corrosion resistance and strength, stainless steel is justly considered to be an eternal material, the use of which brings not only a very great economic result, but also makes it possible to enjoy its appearance for many generations.

What is stainless steel?
This is the common name for steels containing alloying additions and, first of all, chrome, due to which they become so resistant to corrosion. As a result of the interaction of oxygen and chromium, an oxide film appears on the metal surface, which is again restored during damage by mechanical or other means. If necessary, this resistance can be increased by adding a molybdenum dopant. Such material is most often used in an environment that causes increased corrosion of the metal. This is, first of all, the atmosphere of large industrial cities, swimming pools, coastal areas to the sea and so on.

Very often, about eighteen percent of chromium and eight to nine percent of nickel are introduced into stainless steel, which is used for exterior structures or in interior decoration.

The surface of rolled stainless steel has a wide range of processing: matte mirror, polished, matte, mirror and decorative. Moreover, different textures give unusual visual effects. In addition, it is necessary to note the possibility of painting surfaces in different colors using an electromechanical special method. This method is based on the property of stainless steel to form a protective shell of chromium oxide.