Several types of contextual advertising and the reasons why it is worth ordering its setting from specialists Site Ok

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Several types of contextual advertising and the reasons why it is worth ordering its setting from specialists Site Ok

Using Google contextual advertising, you can easily increase the number of orders. Any online store is interested in the growing number of orders. This indicator can be increased by using various approaches.

One of the most popular is advertising on Google. In this article we will talk about it in more detail, offering you cooperation with a professional studio that will deal with the settings and creation of an advertising campaign.

I would like to start by highlighting the importance of a professional approach that is carried out on an individual basis.

Only after a detailed analysis of the site, competitors, as well as some other indicators, it is possible to determine what the advertising campaign should be in order for it to be as effective as possible, to achieve the set goals based on the available budget and financial support.

Types of Google Ads
Contextual advertising can be presented in the form of advertisements, graphic banners, videos on partner sites. Each of the above approaches has a number of characteristics, in accordance with which it is used to increase the orders of a particular site.

For example, Google Shopping is great for selling products with a demonstration of their photos, prices, as well as the name of the store where they can be purchased.

Banner ads are placed on partner sites of search engines. It is shown to the target audience based on the following characteristics: age, gender, interest, habits, location, language. These, as well as many other characteristics, form the target audience to which the banner will be shown.

It should be noted the effectiveness of remarketing. This approach allows you to return a user if, when he first visited your portal, he did not complete a purchase. Also, in this case, the brand or company is remembered. It has a low cost per click and impressions, which allows you to form a reasonable budget.

Regardless of what type of advertising you choose, it is important to work with professionals, Site Ok is your reliable friend and helper. Today we are the leaders in the presented direction. Our prices are reasonable and affordable, make sure of this:

The first month of work consists of two types of expenses:

executive team service fees

payment to the search engine (for clicks)

During the first month we run an advertising campaign for free. Ordering contextual advertising from us is the best solution for business development!