The main types of snowmobiles

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The main types of snowmobiles

Snowmobiles can be classified into five types. All of them are quite different both in their characteristics and in their capabilities. Thus, the following types can be distinguished:

sports snowmobile,
tourist snowmobile,
utilitarian snowmobile,
mountain snowmobile,
children's snowmobile.

A sports snowmobile is a very powerful and fast machine, reaching speeds of up to 200 km / h. However, such a snowmobile is rather poor at moving in deep snow, because it has a short caterpillar, but it is lightweight and therefore it is not difficult to pull tourist snowmobiles out of snowdrifts.

The touring snowmobile is the most comfortable class of vehicles. This machine is designed to move around the territory with not very deep snow, or along a well-groomed track. Touring snowmobiles have very different cubic capacity and engine power.

Utility snowmobile. This type of transport is designed to move across the plain. It is equipped with wide tracks, a large number of luggage compartments, sometimes there is also a towbar.

Mountain snowmobile, as the name implies, this snowmobile is suitable for traveling in mountainous areas and in very snowy areas. It is a one-seater car with a very solid suspension, so the snowmobile can go on any trail.

The children's snowmobile is intended for use by children from the age of nine. The cross-country ability and weight of such a snowmobile is the same as that of sedans.