Features of leather processing in different nations

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Features of leather processing in different nations

The peoples of the Far North do not pay much attention to leather processing. Reindeer skins are almost always used, yurts are built from them, various household items are made - baskets, boxes, belts and much more. But for them, the practical purpose was important - the clothes had to first of all protect from the cold. Unlike the peoples of the Far North, the peoples of Central Asia and Europe process the skins in various ways, making the material softer if necessary, or, on the contrary, tanning it.

Over time, leather dressing has become a form of decorative and applied art, and many products are now purely decorative. Each nation had its own way of making leather, so the products were quite different. In some cases, some items made of leather were sacred. For example, some tribes of Indians still worship leather amulets, attribute magical properties to them and use them as amulets against evil spirits.

To some extent, leather jackets, raincoats and trousers began to replace woven products, and thanks to this, today you can easily buy a tablet bag made of leather. But still, nothing could replace durable belts, reins or belts. Clothes woven from any fabric are still inferior to leather products with a ratio of strength to lightness.

There are many types of leather, including husky, chevro, saddlecloth, blinker, the famous suede, from which many excellent and high-quality leather things are made nowadays, characterized by special softness and elegance. Manufacturing is also very different for each nation, but the technology itself has several similar types of processing, in which completely different products are obtained. For example, with minimal processing, "raw" skin is obtained. If the dressing is done without tanning, then such leather is called rawhide. Weak tanning is referred to as "rawhide". With fat tanning (or with modern processing with special chemicals), the material is called tanned leather. The scope of application of these types is very diverse. Soft varieties are used in the production of suede gloves, thin leather jackets, elegant leather clutches, cases - everything that is not a shame to use as a gift for the New Year, or a souvenir for March 8. Thicker leather is used in the manufacture of boots, leather briefcases, travel trunks and leather bags, pea jackets and various cases.