Features of vaccination of dogs

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Features of vaccination of dogs

For most breeders, vaccinating their pets is one of the most pressing issues. So, you need to decide where, when and in what order the dog should be vaccinated. Vaccines for dogs on the market are divided into monovalent, which are designed to prevent only one ailment, as well as polyvalent, which can prevent the development of two or more diseases at once.

It should be noted that in most cases, breeders vaccinate dogs against plague, rabies, enteritis, and viral hepatitis. If the dog breeder vaccinates himself, at home, before giving an injection to the dog, it is necessary to clarify the shelf life of the drug. In addition, if the storage conditions of the vaccine are inadequate, the vaccine will not bring the expected result.

It is recommended to vaccinate the animal against the most dangerous and common diseases during the first year of life in a specialized clinic veterinary clinic Dubai. So, before the animal turns one year old, it should be given 4-5 vaccinations. Sometimes dog owners want to reduce the number of puppy vaccinations by using multivalent vaccines. However, this approach is erroneous, since vaccines of this type are not able to create a reliable immunity in the puppy against the disease and the owner of the animal will not only throw money down the drain, but also put the dog in danger.

The use of multivalent vaccines is effective for adult animals that already have immunity from dangerous diseases, since it allows them to maintain immunity at the required level. Usually the first vaccine is given to puppies at the age of 1.5 months.

In terms of priority, the first vaccine is administered against the disease, which is currently the most common in the region. So, for example, it can be a vaccination against hepatitis or enteritis. The first vaccination against plague is recommended for a puppy at 2.5 months. Usually puppies are vaccinated against this or that disease 2 times with an interval of 10-14 days.

It must be remembered that it is allowed to release a puppy to the ground only after 3 weeks from the date of anti-plague vaccination.