Hiking in the mountains: what to take?


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Hiking in the mountains: what to take?

And so you finally decided to go to the mountains, but you have little experience with such trips ?! In this case, you need to make an extensive list of necessary things and buy travel equipment. And we will try to help you in this difficult endeavor.

And so where to start? First, the young (or not quite) tourist will need a shipping bag. Simply put, just a backpack. When choosing this equipment travelers are guided by the first rule of the tourist: easier - better. Of course, the backpack should be as light as possible, but at the same time it should hold all your belongings. It is selected in accordance with how many days your journey will last. If you intend to conquer uncharted expanses of not more than a week, then a backpack of 60-70 liters will be optimal in size. It is possible a little more, but note that this backpack will be your burden, so taking copies of more than 100 liters is simply illogical, given the length of your stay in the mountains. Experienced tourists often get a raincoat-poncho that perfectly protects you and your equipment from getting wet.

Next, you need to think about the three essential attributes of any ascent to the summits, or just a hike to nature:

Sleeping bag.

When choosing this equipment it is also necessary to follow the first rule of the tourist, but at the same time, everything should be as comfortable and easy to use.

Then, of course, come cutlery: a bowl, spoon, fork and knife. Consider that you can buy a flick knife or an ordinary tourist knife, this choice is yours, but at the same time you cannot forget this attribute, because without it you will be “like without hands” on a campaign. It will be useful to grab a small hatchet and a saw.

The following set I would like to mark the abbreviation FGC. In fact, it is a flashlight + matches + compass. In addition, it is desirable that each participant of the campaign was a separate set.

Do not forget to bring along a first-aid kit and personal care products. Advice to female travelers: the presence of a large number of cosmetics in the campaign is simply useless.
Of course, every tourist should bring personal items with them. Particular attention should be paid to the choice of shoes, so be sure to try it on before the trip, because it is the key to a smooth and comfortable journey.

The logical conclusion of this list will be a camera, because you simply must capture these significant moments. And one more tip: among the myriad knives it is better to choose folding knives designed for tourism, they are called "tourist" ones.