What do I need to open a dry cleaner?


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What do I need to open a dry cleaner?

Many are eager to start their own business. This business is risky, but success in it all pays off. Dry cleaning is a very interesting idea, but in any case, before starting work, it is necessary to equip the workspace and prepare for the reception of clients. What should I look for when choosing dry cleaning equipment? Necessary equipment for dry cleaning Industrial washing machine works on the same principle as private devices installed in apartments, and the main difference from them is the large size and availability of special modes. They can work without interruptions for a long time, which contributes to a productive working day. Also, absolutely necessary equipment is a dry-cleaning machine, which performs the main part of the work. You should choose a device with a sufficiently large volume, able to quickly wash a large number of clothes. When processed in it, things retain their color and quality. The stain removal table is designed for those damages that the normal machine does not wash. The principle of its work is that a special sprinkler places a chemical solution on the stain. A steam generator is required for ironing things, since it works much more efficiently and covers a considerable amount of time. In addition, it can combine the ironing and cleaning functions depending on the model. Steam mannequins come in different types, each for a separate type of clothing, which allows exactly such things that require special treatment, to iron out qualitatively and accurately. And the last device, absolutely necessary - is an ironing table with a heating surface. He quickly and qualitatively iron any fabric that does not require special treatment.