Symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of hepatitis C and B

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Symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of hepatitis C and B

Hepatitis is an acute and chronic inflammation of liver cells, which can be caused by a virus, toxins (medicinal, chemical, alcoholic origin), own antibodies, or a manifestation of a generalized infection. Acute forms of hepatitis B and C often turn into chronic ones, then transforming into cirrhosis of the liver.

The source of infection are patients with hepatitis, as well as asymptomatic carriers of the virus. Currently, there are several million hepatitis B and C virus carriers capable of transmitting the infection. Note that the real danger is blood, saliva and semen.

Risk group:

chronic patients;
persons in contact with patients;
people with non-traditional sexual orientation;
drug addicts.

In the acute form of the disease, four periods can be distinguished:

incubation period, which lasts 2-4 months;
preicteric period, in which there is weakness, fatigue. Symptoms identified include darkening of urine, discoloration of feces, nausea, vomiting, fever, and abdominal pain. The liver becomes painful and hard. The preicteric period lasts 5-7 days;
the icteric period lasts 5-10 days and is accompanied by symptoms of intoxication, pain in the joints, there is an increase in the liver and spleen, rashes on the skin;

The severity of the clinical manifestations of the disease makes it possible to determine the severity of the course of the disease, its duration and outcome. And how hepatitis B is treated and diagnosed, you will learn from the article below.

In 10-12% of patients, acute hepatitis B becomes chronic with the manifestation of the same symptoms as in the acute form of the disease. As a rule, such patients are not safe for others.

Chronic hepatitis C occurs in 60-70% of patients. The outcome of this form of the disease: cirrhosis in 20% of patients, liver cancer in 5% of patients.

Diagnostics includes a blood test, the indicators of which indirectly indicate the presence of a virus and the degree of liver damage. You can undergo diagnostics and subsequent treatment by contacting specialized clinics.

Successful treatment of hepatitis C and B is possible, and it aims to restore liver cells and prevent the development of cirrhosis. Successful treatment is facilitated by new therapies, which are often combined with classical medication and a balanced diet.

In conclusion, we note that the prevention of viral hepatitis B and C is very important, which implies adherence to the rules of personal hygiene, the use of only sterile medical instruments, a decrease in the number of sexual partners and the use of a condom as a method of contraception.